Genius Hour Planning

Today we will be focusing on the planning portion of our project for when its time to present.some soap to show how well it works during our slideshow. Below I’ll add points of all we are going to include.

  • Pictures showing its progression
  • Test run
  • What we struggled with and how we improved
  • Supplies we used
  • New things we tried and how they worked
  • Who we reached out to
  • It will look something like this:
  • Week: Challenges
    • improvements:

Genius Hour Update

Devan and I have got the basics down for making the soap and now we are working on the aesthetics of them. We used bubblewrap to make a honey-like texure on the top of the soap bar. We used honey, oatmeal, coconut oil (after seeing how great it worked last time) and yellow dye so that you are able to tell what theme we based this soap off of. All of these ingrediants are awesome to keep your skin moisturized.

This is what the soap looked like before we used the bubblewrap and scroll down to see if it worked out how we had hoped…


Thank you,

Stay tuned for next week, as we will be posting our plan for our presentation in February and how we have progressed over that period of time!

Genius Hour Update

Devan and I were informed that Coconut oil is good for your skin, so we added some to this weeks soap. Rocky Mountain Soaps stated that it helps with skin conditions like eczema. I have eczema so I tested out on my skin and over a couple days, I got the results I wanted! Below is a picture of a message the company sent to us.

Before using the soap After using the soap

The coconut oil we used. Before the soap molded. After the soap molded.

We noticed that the soap was much silkier after adding the coconut oil to it. We also didn’t have to rush putting it into the mold after taking it out of the microwave like we did the times before due to how fast it hardened.

Genius Hour Update

Before During After

Above are images Devan and I took while making our soap. We thought that if we added some heat to them that the bubbles would not be visible but it didn’t work as well as we hoped. Next time we might heat the soaps up before they harden and create bumps.

We looked back at previous messages with Rocky Mountain Soaps and they had told us that adding oats and honey will improve our soap textures and make them more organic based.

These are the suggested products we used.

We think that making these improvments will help compare to the professional soaps we picked up before-hand.

Genius Hour Update

This is what the soap looked like when I first put it in the mold. Because I added water in it and I noticed that it turned out very bubbly on the top.

We took the first photo about an hour (10:30) later thinking that the soap might settle, but I was suprised that it didn’t. The second photo was taken this morning at 7:00. Next time if we decide to use water again, we might use heat products to seperate the particles. We also realized that adding liquid such as water, caused the soap to take longer to harden. Although, It did make the soap easier to use and diluted the scent of the cinnamon, which I only used ground cinnamon this time instead of adding the sticks.

These are all of the ingrediants I used to add texture and scent to the soap.

My hands were much more soft after using the soap than previous times due to dillution and the moisture of the lotion.

Genius Hour Update

This week, Devan and I decided to make a mystery soap. I challenge you guess what scent this is.

Here are your options: lavender, pumpkin, sage citrus and mint.

Scroll down to see the answer once you have guessed.

Did you get it right?

I washed my hands with the soap, just like last time. When we made it, we added some lotion to see if it made the soap softer and our hands less dry after using it.

I think it made an improvement but next time we might research some things that you can add to it to make it more skin friendly.

Genius Hour Update

Last week we bought some soap bars from Rocky Mountain Soaps, so that we would have them for reference.

We began to make our soap base and added it to a microwaveable bowl.

When we took it out, we realized that the solution hardens really quickly and needed to be placed back into the microwave before adding scent and colour into it.

These are just some of the soap bars we made and poured into the mold to let harden. I was surprised that it took its shape so fast. Because of this, the cinnamon sticks were not able to sit inside of the soap bar.

After they cured, Devan and I put each of them in small ziploc bags.

Washing my hands with the store bought soap

When I washed my hands with our soap, I realized that afterwards my hands felt dry. Next time I will try adding lotion to the soap to see if that helps.

Genius Hour Plan

In these few months, I am hoping to learn how to make soap. Devan and I haven’t done anything similar to this but we both love baking. Having experience with that can help us with measurements and the steps followed by it. To accomplish this we will need metal thread of some sort to cut the soaps, scents, molds and add-ons for aesthetic purposes. We will also need to reasearch measurements, as they will most likely be precise. Throughout the process we will be testing the soaps to ensure that it is safe for skin. Some of the stores we will need to go to include Rocky Mountain Soap’s (explained in the last blog) and Michael’s for craft supplies.

Steps we will be using for soap making:

  1. Visiting Rocky Mountain Soap’s
  2. Asking the company for advice and buying their product
  3. Buying the supplies
  4. Making practice batches
  5. Comparing batches to the store bought model
  6. Learning from mistakes to make successful soap bars